September 15, 2014

Birthday Party…check!

I had been feeling like the lamest mom in the world when it came to birthday’s this year…and last year. Last year I had good reason because Eva was born the day before Aidan’s birthday and Maya was in Missouri with her aunt Julie who threw her the best party every! This year, I had no excuse, just not feeling it which is weird because usually I get so excited about their birthday parties. Anyway, I put it off and I put it off until finally it was close enough to Maya’s birthday that I could get away with making it a party for her too.

I decided to do an ice cream party and it worked out great. Rich made a little cake for each of the kids.



Eva’s cakeSmile


We had an ice cream sundae bar with tons of toppings and cookie bowls.



We let the kids loose on the ice cream bar and they went wild.


DSC_6212 DSC_6214



DSC_6222 DSC_6226



After everybody was done with their ice cream we sang happy birthday to each one of the kids.


She enjoyed everybody singing to her.


She wasn’t too hesitant to touch her cake but not too interested in tasting it.



Finally, a little taste and she didn’t like it.



Next, was Aidan!



Finally, it was Maya’s turn!



The kids had a great time and it was a blessing to be able to celebrate Eva’s first birthday, Aidan’s 7th and Maya’s 6th. Happy Birthday my little loves!

September 8, 2014


Julie called Rich last week and asked him to video each of the kids sharing one of their talents. We did this a few years ago for great granddad McKinley’s birthday and it was so cute seeing what everybody’s talents were. Thinking I should do this every year because they turned out so cute!

These are the video’s we made when they were babies.

Here are the talent videos we did last week:





A talent that both Aidan and Maya are working to develop is playing the piano! Maya started 3 months ago and Aidan started last month. They both really enjoy it and I enjoy having an hour without themOpen-mouthed smile 

Maya’s very first piano lesson:




I wasn’t there for Aidan’s first piano lesson. I get to just drop them both off at the same time and pick them up when they are both done. I need to get a picture of Aidan practicing…

Maya doing her piano homework



She’s a little more into it than Aidan is but I’m hoping he will grow to love it with a bit more time. This is a fun stage we are in. I’m excited to explore their interests and develop their talents and see where it takes them!

September 3, 2014

First day of school

Aidan started school almost a whole week before Maya so she was beyond ready when her day finally came.

Aidan’s second first day of 1st grade! I feel like he is right where he needs to be and he is going to do so well and hopefully become more self-confident throughout the year. We were running late because mommy wasn’t quite ready to let go of summer and slept in so I snapped these two pictures very quickly.



Maya is in the afternoon kindergarten class so we had plenty of time to do an all out shoot! Too bad the sun was so dang bright and she couldn’t keep her eyes open to save her life. I so wish I wouldn’t have deleted all of her squinty eye picsSad smile 

Her ‘go to’ pose.


Here’s one of her fighting the urge to close her eyes.


Looks like she’s winking but really she just couldn’t force that eye open.


I chose her outfit and she chose the hairstyle and accessories.

Moved to the shade.




September 2, 2014

Eva and Erica

Erica is Eva’s nurse that watches her when we go on our dates, so she gets here way earlier than our other nurses. She actually gets to see Eva awake. Erica took some pics of her adventures with Eva this past Saturday.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

She took her for a ride in her new buggy that Aunt Julie bought her for her birthday.

photo 1-1

photo 4-1

Erica was training Ashley, our new nurse, that day.

photo 5

I love this video she took!

Pretty sure I’ve said it enough but WE LOVE OUR NURSES!

August 30, 2014

New Neighbors

We have been super blessed to live in an awesome neighborhood. I’m not sure how we lucked out getting our house but it’s in a cul-de-sac and we have the greatest neighbors that LOVE to party! One thing about the military is that there are always people moving in and out and recently something really cool happened. After our neighbors across the street moved out, a friend from Rich’s hometown moved in! The Pilkington’s lived in Marshfield when Rich was a kid and moved to Springfield while Rich was on his mission.

Aaron Pilkington e-mailed Rich a few months ago and told him that he was going to be moving to Hill AFB and Rich was able to reserve the house across the street for him, his wife Megan and their 5 kids. I’m not gonna lie, I was totally nervous about them moving in because I didn’t know anything about them and I was worried that we wouldn’t mesh. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about because they are awesome! Aaron has my same sense of humor and Megan is fun and funny. I’m so excited to have them to hang out with for the next couple of years!

Our neighbor, Steve, is the party man. He has a cul-de-sac potluck every Sunday in his driveway and a big party for the kids on holidays and for special events. He had a huge “Back to school bash” the weekend before school started. Friday night he had a movie night on his projector and then the kids and some adults camped out.


My new friend, Megan!


Projector set-up


Eva and Lucy





I caught him off guard. Steve the party man.



Big kid tent.



The next day was Saturday and Steve brought in breakfast for everyone. At noon he rented 2 bounce houses and the kids played all day. I love where we live and the people that live around us.

Last weekend the Pilkington’s 2nd oldest, Emma, was baptized. Aaron’s parents flew in from Missouri, his brother Adam and friend Bobby drove up from South Salt Lake area and the childhood friends were reunited.




Group picture after the baptism.


So, I lied, we had actually gotten together for a BBQ with Bobby and Aaron a few weeks back where I met Bobby and his wife, Angela. All of our kids had so much fun and there wasn’t a single fight! It’s really cool that all of the wives of the childhood friends get along really well too. It’s so crazy the way things have worked out. It’s going to be a fun couple of yearsSmile

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