October 24, 2014

Black Island Farms

Fall is here and that means it’s pumpkin patch time, YAY!

DSC_6516 DSC_6517


We have taken the kids to Black Island Farms the past 2 years and it has been awesome! This year we didn’t get to go to the actual pumpkin patch. The line was insanely long for the hayride to the pumpkin patch so we opted for the huge hay slides and the corn maze. The kids had an awesome time!

Aaron implemented the buddy system. They looked so cute running around holding hands!



Hay slides!



Rich was more excited than Eva was.

DSC_6601 DSC_6605


Watchin’ some pig racin’





Oh, you know, just trying to get a good picture of 7 uncooperative kids.



And we began our journey into the never-ending crazy fun corn maze!


Look at Rich rockin’ my diaper bag while navigating us through the maze.


Aaron held up the back end and was chaos control. All of the unruly kids had to hang out with him(never my kids, always hisWinking smile)


Maya wanted to take some corn home for dinner.

DSC_6551 DSC_6554


Finally, the end of the corn maze!


I just wanted ONE good picture by the pretty sunflowers. This one with Eva’s teary eyes was as good as it gotSad smile


After the corn maze we did some steer roping, tire swinging and hay slide sliding.



DSC_6587 DSC_6589


Of course, there are always those that think they are light enough to ride on the KIDS swing and are thoroughly embarrassed when the bottom drags.

DSC_6592 DSC_6593

We were all exhausted and the kids had a great time despite not getting to pick out a pumpkin. Fall is fun!

October 20, 2014

Eva faces

This girls face just makes me SO HAPPY!

photo 1-1


photo 2-1

photo 3

My favorite part of this video is the last 15 seconds where she gives me a dirty look.

Train Concert

I’m so glad Rich isn’t as boring as me or else we wouldn’t ever do anything fun! He’s always the one trying to find fun things for us to do as a family and on dates and I’m always the one that is cool with staying home. I’m not as fun as I look(bahahaha!). So, a few weeks ago he asked if I wanted to go to a Train concert in South Ogden. All that came to mind when I thought of Train was, “Hey soul sister!”. Yeah, I wasn’t super interested. I have to mention that I also NEVER know who sings the songs I love, ask my sister, I’m the worst at knowing bands. I wasn’t thrilled about it but Rich seemed really excited so I just rolled my eyes and said ok. Ummm….so glad I did! Did you know that Train sings a lot of awesome songs? I tried to act pretty bored at the beginning but after so many good songs I had to start singing along.

photo 1

photo 2

Did you know that date night is really good for your marriage? So glad we can have one every week.

October 4, 2014

Finish line in sight!

2 days ago we had another visit to the ENT for a scope of Eva’s vocal cords to see her progress. The last scope she had was 7 months ago and there was absolutely no movement in them. HERE is that post.

Waiting for Dr. Muntz

photo 3

photo 4

This time the news we got was a little different……THEY ARE MOVING!!!! What a relief! Even though we’ve been through this twice, the nerves never go away. I was so nervous that Eva was going to be different from Aidan and Arabella and not have any movement but she did and we were jumping for joy!

Here’s the video of the scope:

A little traumatic but she’s toughSmile Dr. Muntz was very optimistic and thinks that she could possibly get the trach out within the month! WHAT?!?! I had to hold back tears because that was something that I hadn’t even considered or let enter my mind. While the idea of getting the trach out that soon is so exciting, Rich and I are really nervous about that. Flu season out here is brutal and our fear of having a newly decanulated baby in the middle of flu season holds us back. The risk of her getting so sick that she has to be re-trached is a real possibility and that fear alone makes her having the trach for 4-5 more months sound like the better option. We will have to discuss this further with the ENT.  Anyway, all of this is dependent on how she does on the cap. The cap is exactly that, a cap for her trach. She can’t breathe in or out through her trach so it is basically like she doesn’t have one. She has to slowly progress on the cap until she is using it all day.

Here is the video of her trying the cap for the first time:

She was so traumatized from the scope that she was terrified of the oxygen sat monitor!

Eva with Dr. Muntz.

photo 1

Some baby comfort food calmed her right down and made her forget about that horrible experience.

photo 2

Can’t believe our trach time is coming to an end. Can’t say I’m gonna miss it.

October 2, 2014


Lately, all things in our world are Pokemon…




Friends come over with their boxes and binders of cards.


They talk of battling, EX’s, and trading.


Some parents, who shall remain unnamed, even get involved, confronting other parents about traded/stolen cards and asking for the return of said cards.

We attend Pokemon parties…

(LOVE this kid!)



Play Pokemon bingo.



And what is our world coming to when even the baby is into Pokemon?

DSC_6413 DSC_6415

Heaven help us!

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