August 24, 2010

Double Tricycle!!!!

Here it is! Aidan & Maya's combined birthday gift this year is a DOUBLE TRICYCLE! We were so excited about it and I have to be honest, it exceeded our expectations! It is so perfect for them and they absolutely love it! We obviously had to try it out right away.
Maya was so excited to finally get to ride on a tricycle with her big brother. We were actually a little worried that Aidan wouldn't be able to carry the weight of the tricycle and Maya but he had absolutely no problem at all.
They just hopped on and took off! We went for a nice little walk and had such a fun time.
Aidan even pulled over at their usually flower bush to pick a flower :D

So there it is. Their awesome new double tricycle. I look forward to many walks and don't worry, we are going to get them helmets. Aidan can be a bit of a crazy driver ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN & MAYA!
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August 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan!!

Oh how time flies! I just can't believe that my baby boy is 3 years old! What a fun ride it has been, let me tell ya! Aidan's 2nd year was fun & challenging. He started talking and understanding a lot more. For his birthday we dropped Maya off at a friends house so that we could spend some good one on one time with Aidan. With 3 little ones this close in age, undivided attention is hard to come by.

For my sweet little first-born we went to Target and let him pick out more race cars and a kick ball while daddy picked out a frisbee. We took him to the park and all three of us played kick ball & then frisbee. He loved having all of our attention while doing something he loved.
It was a hot day! Then we took him to Char-hut for some delicious chicken strips and a strawberry milkshake.
After nap time he was so excited to open some presents. Thank you Great Grand Dad McKinley & Aunt Rebecca!

What did we get for Aidan? Well, we aren't big into spoiling our kids but we are really excited about a combined birthday gift that we ordered for Aidan & Maya. Maya will be 2 on Sept. 22nd. We are so excited about their gift and can't wait to post pictures of it!!
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August 17, 2010

Baker Family Vacation!

I hope you are ready for a LOOOOONG post with LOOOOOOTS of pictures! This vacation was a blast! We drove 10 1/2 hours north to Seagrove, FL and met up with Rich's family for a week long vacation. This was the view from our condo. Pretty sure we got the best one.

The kids made themselves at home right away.

Unfortunately, we had to put a stop to this cuteness. Didn't want them to knock anything over:(

We were the lucky ones that got to bunk with Rich's parents. Love them!

Everybody was bummed that there was a ridiculous amount of "sea grass" in the water. It didn't stop them from going out there and making the best of it every day! I stayed in the condo with Arabella while everybody was at the beach because trachs and sand just don't mix.

Since we couldn't spend all day at the beach we spent a lot of time at the pool!
I don't think anybody minded. It was an awesome pool.
Maya loves to...

To change things up a little bit we hit up an awesome place called Wilder's World.
Not only did it have tons of fun things to bounce on and slide down...
It had the best toys!
When they got tired of bouncing they did a little bowling :)
Fun time.

Later that day we went down to Seaside. This is the town where the movie "Truman Show" was filmed. It was such a fun, cute little town.
Strolling down the streets of Seaside.

It was SO HOT! We stopped by a little smoothie bus. It was so cute the way all of the food joints were out of these little buses or trailers.
He saw it and it called his name. He couldn't believe his eyes!
He had to try it!
It wasn't real:(
We found a cool little hill & just had to climb it.

And climb it again.
we could climb no more.

We chilled:D
It was such a fun week hanging out together and with Rich's family. I love them so much. Our last day there we ran to the beach to get some last minute family shots. So glad we did.

The next morning we headed home.
We decided to stop in Bradenton. This is the town where we were going to go to school but chose Ft. Lauderdale instead. We talked about what could have been and wondered if we made the right decision. The town and the beaches are gorgeous and peaceful. We happened to see a wedding taking place at the beach we stopped at.
There was absolutely no algae on this beach!

Maya loved finding shells.

Almost a perfect picture if those people weren't in the background and that hair wasn't looped on my head...oh well.

We had a fun time at that beach.
Ultimately we decided that we definitely made the right decision by moving to Ft. Lauderdale. We love everything about our life out here and wouldn't change any of it for the world.

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