September 27, 2009

Beautiful Disaster

Here she is...Maya in a nutshell. Now we call her our "beautiful disaster" because it is our best description for her.
At one year old she is incredibly active and can pretty much get anywhere she wants to be. I also call her my little monkey because she loves to cling and climb. This is what happens every time I try to do dishes.
Her hair is really long and she hates having it done but loves baths in the sink.
She can get up on the couch by herself now. Here she is reading a book that her Aunt Rebecca sent her with her hands AND feet, of course.

Some other things about Maya at one year old...
*She is a total momma's girl.
*She loves to read.
*Aidan's favorite playmate.
*Not walking but favorite way to move from one place to the next, on her hands and feet.
Just a bundle of fun!
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September 22, 2009

Aidan-n-Maya's Birthday Feast!

I was so excited about Aidan and Maya getting to celebrate their birthday's together so I decided to throw a little party. I made these little invitations for our closest friends and started planning!
Unfortunately, the night before the party I changed my mind about the cake I was going to make. I decided on a much bigger cake that would take a lot longer than I expected.
Lucky for me, I married a "Baker"! Rich was awesome and helped me soooo much!
We finished the cake just in time for the party. Fhew!
Ahhh, the finished product. No, nobody turned 21.
Happy Birthday Aidan & Maya!

Finally, Maya's big moment...

It was such a memorable night. We are so grateful for all of our friends that joined us and made it a special night. Both Aidan and Maya have filled our lives with so much happiness.

September 6, 2009

6 Month Picture

Here it is! My first post of a prego picture...for this pregnancy :D There's no denying it, the belly is obviously there. It was kind of crazy because it just seemed to suddenly pop out and then within a couple of weeks it just doubled in size. I'm bigger than I was at this point with my other two but according to my doctor I am still just a little under weight for 6 months. That made me feel good.
I am quite enjoying this pregnancy. As strange as it may sound it has been easier being pregnant and taking care of both Aidan and Maya than it was with just Aidan + all that his medical condition demanded at the time. I have a lot of lower back pain that never goes away and I absolutely have to get at least 9 hours of sleep or I can't function the next day but other than that I am feeling good and sooooo excited to add Baby Isabella (Bella) to the bunch!
Today Aidan sported his new look! I finally discovered that pomade will keep his hair spiked up so Aidan has a whole new look and I'll tell you what, the ladies at church just thought he looked like quite the stud!
It's a little hard to see but he looks pretty stinkin' cute!

September 2, 2009

Random...But Cute

I was looking through my pictures and realized I missed a few great pictures and events that I really wanted to remember so this is my random post of cute pictures...
A few weeks ago we went to the annual Nova BBQ! We went last year after we just moved here and didn't know anybody. This year was a little different. We went with a bunch of our friends and had a great time and we have an addition to our family :) Last year it was just Aidan.
Rich and I both remembered the bubble castle from last year and were so excited that this year Aidan was old enough to go in. He loved it until he slipped and was buried under bubbles. This is him after we got him out and he stopped screaming.
Such a fun night
I took this random picture because this is after Maya choked twice in one day on her hair clip. I decided she needed to be punished by making her go all day without a clip or hair tie to keep her hair out of her face

Then I decided to have mercy on her. Little stinker!
Just a random picture of Maya having a good time on the beach.
Ready for church!

Since Aidan is now in his big boy bed and we have moved Maya into his room, I can finally start putting up some decorations! These are the letters I made a while back. I thought that maybe by posting this picture it might motivate my sister to send me Maya's and Isabella's name (hint hint) I don't have a scroll saw and I'm desperate for something to paint!!
Aidan is doing great in his bed! We occasionally find him halfway out of his bed and this morning he woke up with a fat lip. Other than that he's doing pretty good.

Just the other day Maya started cracking up when I would raise my arms and bring them down really quick. Luckily we caught her on video and there are moment when I stopped and she would try to raise her arms to tell me to do it again. Enjoy!
Well, that is my post of random cuteness!

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