July 19, 2016

So far this summer…

So far this summer has been a good one. I can honestly say that most days I really enjoy having all of my kids at home. I don’t enjoy going grocery shopping with them and running errands is pure torture and, lets be honest, some days I’d just like to run away but, I really truly have enjoyed the days I am able to focus on having fun with them. I’ve been lame about having them do anything school related but summer has felt like summer and we love it. After all of our beach adventures we decided we would take a little break and hit up the local water park, Comprehensive Park. It is so perfect for my kids ages!

My little fashionista. Seriously, she is going to be a trendsetter this one.

I know I’m bouncing all over the place but oh well. I forgot to mention what we did on the 4th of July…nothing! We drove back from Okuma and stopped by a mall for some lunch and then some donuts.

All of the base celebrations and events were cancelled out of respect for the locals because of some sad stuff that has happened involving our military, so since we were exhausted anyway we just chilled and relaxed at home. It was so nice. I did manage to get the kids all decked out in patriotic outfits though!



In other news, we started a new Sunday tradition! One of my field mission companions posted about her family’s tradition of having grilled pb&j sandwiches after church. I was so curious so I made it for my kids and they loved it! So we’ve had them 2 Sunday’s so far and we all are loving the new tradition.

Our other new tradition is this…

This is Eva experiencing her first time-out ever and it’s become a daily occurrence. Sometimes we even do it 2-3 times a day! She’s come into the terrible 2’s with her fists swinging at her older siblings and is now suffering the consequences.

I love this picture. Hair in a bun, scriptures in hand, ready for church!

Our Baker Sunday Selfie

This goofy girl wearing Eva’s pajama top and goggles.

Cereal bowl as big as her face but it’s not slowing her down.

Maya had her very first book club get together.

I love our friends in our building.

We’ve made a few messes.

Do you see Eva in the mirror drawing on my chalkboard? haha!

I had some mommy time with my friend and neighbor, Jandy. We went to Cocok’s and then to Chili’s for lunch. It was a much needed getaway.

I got this text from one of Eva’s nurses, Erica, who became my close friend. I love how much she still loves her.

Lastly, I’m really loving Rich’s Sunday Selfie’s!

I’m gonna have to make a post of just video’s because there are so many cute ones. We are about halfway through the summer so we’ve got time for a lot more fun!

July 16, 2016

4th of July in OKUMA!

4th of July is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate with Rich’s family. This year that wasn’t gonna happen so Rich planned a fun 4 day weekend for us here, on island in Okuma! There was a last minute opening for an amazing cabin right on the beach so we snatched it up and then decided to invite our friends and neighbors, the Eubanks. We knew the kids would have a great time together and Jandy is one of my besties so it was an easy decision.
Front porch view
First night we just settled in and headed to dinner.
Jandy and I enjoyed this cute view of our guys chatting and pushing their littles.
We hit the sack that night after watching a movie with the kids and then started the next morning with a buggy bike ride.
We biked around a bit and then stopped a couple of times to enjoy the view.
After the buggy bike we went back to the cabin and got ready for the beach. We went to the beach in front of our cabin and the kids liked it just fine but the waves were a little rough.
Rich took Maya for a little snorkeling adventure.
That was about the extent of our first day there but it was the night time happenings that the kids were excited about! After dinner…
… we got a fire going and did what we traditionally do at the Annual Rockwood Campout which is roast marshmallows and listening to Rich tell scary stories.
Such a good time with our friends, the Eubanks!
They headed home the next morning and we stuck around to enjoy another day on the beach.We moved from the cabin to one of the basic rooms with one queen bed and plenty of floor space. That night we piled on to the bed and watched a movie together then when it was time to sleep we put the 3 big kids on the floor and Eva in her pack-n-play and we all slept like babies. I actually really loved having us all in a tiny room…for ONE night. As the kids have gotten older everything has gotten quite a bit easier and those moments we get to be snuggled up together are really special.
That’s Maya hiding, not wanting to be bothered, lol!
We spent the day on the beach but this time we headed over to the other side of Okuma to a seriously AMAZING beach!
This was our day of doing lots of fun water stuff! Rich rode a jetovator for the first time and pretty much mastered it. I only saw him fall off once.
I rode on the banana boat with all of the big kids.
Rich took each of the big kids for a ride on a jetski.
My little beach babes love playing in the sand. Eva has absolutely no fear of the ocean which can be scary but I just love that she can spend all day on the beach and not get bored.
A few randoms…
Sunday walk
Eva flying a kite.

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