June 19, 2010

Dear Daddy

Daddy, It's me, Arabella! I miss you so much! I can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks. We are having so much fun in Missouri but wish you were here. Aidan and Maya have been so busy here at Grandma Bakers house. Check out what they've been up to!
Aidan discovered that bugs aren't so bad.

Maya always wants to go outside to play in the water.

They have so much fun together playing with the hose.

They are so silly!

I can't wait until I can walk...

So that I can walk to the hole and throw rocks in it. It looks like so much fun!

They are always asking Grandma for cookies. They look yummy:)

We miss you and love you, Daddy! Come back soon!

Playing Catch-up

Why do I always let this happen? So many little and big things have happened and now I need to backtrack a couple of months to blog it all. This is the first of many "catch-up" blog posts that I will be making. Here we go!

Right now I am in Missouri. Having a good time but boy am I missing home...and Rich. He had to do a 6 week rotation this summer and so we decided that we would take this opportunity for me to come out to Missouri with the kids for 2 months so that they could spend time with grandparents and cousins. Yeah, I know it sounds like a great idea but realistically well, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I love our families and we are having fun but I am so homesick! I miss Rich, I miss my childproof home, I miss my routine. Wah, wah, wah! K, I'll stop whining but I did learn a very valuable lesson. I can't be apart from Rich for very long. We are gonna cut this visit a few weeks short:)

Like I said, we are having fun so check out the next couple of posts...

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