March 27, 2013


When you don’t feel well you don’t enjoy a whole lot of stuff. I feel like I missed out on months of enjoying my kids but since I’ve been feeling better I’m appreciating their cuteness again. Maya is my girl. She is 100% a momma’s girl and I love that. She always wants to snuggle and give me hugs and kisses. She loves it when I hold her hand or just any physical contact when we are sitting, watching tv. She tells me several times a day that she loves me. Not only does she say that she loves me but she says, “Mom, I love you always.” Recently, she started trying to tell me how much she loves me and she came up with the biggest number she could think of which is 120,000. Then, Rich taught her that a million is more than 120,000 so now she tells me that she loves me 120,000 million, and folks, that’s a lot! I am so lucky!
A few weeks ago she drew her first stick figure person and I loved it!
Rich thinks it’s creapy but I love how unique it is. I also love how she framed it by coloring along the border.
We also recently bought a playset and dome for our back yard. It has been such a blessing because the kids LOVE playing on it. It’s given me the time to get stuff done without all 3 of them following me around. Anyway, the other night I went out to tell the girls to come in for dinner and when I looked out, I almost lost it!
It’s not even like her pants slipped down and she stopped to pull them up either. I watched her for about a minute, laughing uncontrollably, and she just kept on  swinging! I love my funny girl!

I’M BACK!!!!

Oh, HALLELUJAH I’m back! I finally feel like a functional human being again and I don’t think it’s possible to put into words how happy I am! Sooooo, as it turns out, I was ANEMIC! Hello! No wonder I felt so crappy all of the time and just couldn’t hardly function! As soon as I found out I was anemic I started taking a higher dose of iron pills and then a friend that used to be a midwife recommended chlorophyll and it has made all of the difference. It’s been a good 4 days of feeling on top of the world(except for my lower back) and I’m absolutely in heaven!
Have I mentioned how HAPPY I am? Oh I have? Ok:)
So, moving on…Yesterday I hosted the officer wives potluck group. We have it once a month and I always look forward to the delish food and great company. It was a blessing in disguise that I had signed up over 4 months ago to host this month. When I signed up I didn’t foresee us moving and me being pregnant and feeling horrible for such a long time but the blessing was that it forced me to get our house clean and in order. Our place looks and feels so homey and good! I will have to take some pictures for a future post. Here are some pics from Potluck group last night. We had to make something from pinterest that we had never made before. I made Oreo Truffles that were delish. Actually, every single dish was delish!
We all decided that we would make potluck night a yoga pant night as well. Makes sense doesn’t it?
So glad to be back to my old self! Time to have some fun again!

March 20, 2013

I love this boy!

Well, as it turns out, Aidan will be my one and only son. It’s so weird to think about that! I don’t know why but I always imagined I would have one more boy. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not SUPER HAPPY about baby girl…I am! It’s just really interesting finding out who will complete your family and knowing that is it. Weird feeling! I love that he is the oldest because I have always said, even before having kids, every little girl needs a big brother. Now 3 little girls have a big brother! I love it!
So, I wanted to post something that Aidan did today that made me laugh. Ok, well it actually made me sad and it made me laugh. He told me he was making a sign for his door, which he has never done before. The cartoon, Max and Ruby gave him the idea. He hopped up and got busy. I could hear him asking Maya how to spell her name. She thinks her name is spelled Myaa for some reason but that’s another story:) When he was finished he came and got me and this is what I saw.
I could see that he tried to phonetically spell Arabella’s name, then he wrote his own then in some weird way, Maya’s and last, dad. I was so proud because this was the very first time he has ever attempted to phonetically spell anything! Then, he started to explain the sign to me…
Next to “ERUBLU” Arabella there is a frowny stick figure that is circled with a line through it. That means that Arabella is NOT ALLOWED to enter his room. Everybody else can but not Arabella. So sad! Aidan and Arabella have such clashing personalities and they just drive each other crazy! Maybe when they get older they will get along better? Maybe not.
Anyway, Aidan’s behavior has greatly improved and I’m so proud of him. He is my sweet big boy:)

It’s A………..

We are going to have another girl and we (the girls and I) couldn’t be more excited! Haha! Let me explain. Both Aidan and Rich thought it would be cool to have another boy so that Aidan could have a brother, so Aidan didn’t hide his disappointment when he saw the pink balloons. Rich is, of course, excited because who wouldn’t be excited about being a daddy to 3 little girls?
The day after we found out that we were having a baby girl I felt her kick for the first time. That was an exciting moment. Since then, she has been a little wiggle worm! It is the greatest feeling when you feel that little life inside of you make it’s presence known for the first time. Joy. Pure joy.
Here are a couple more pictures from the gender reveal that my super thoughtful friend, Melissa, had for us. There was a little malfunction with the balloons and they didn’t just float out when we opened the box but as you can see, the surprise was just as exciting! I know I look like a complete nerd but I just could not contain myself!
Some nice action shots…lol!
Our awesome friends that set this up for us, the Jarnot’s and the Bingham’s. Ok, the wives did all of the work:)
Afterwards, we all enjoyed pink cookies and then went out to Brick Oven Pizza. It was a fun and memorable night and I’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends to share it with.

March 5, 2013

Gotta Start Somewhere!

Well, to say it’s been rough would be an understatement. Sweet little baby #4 plus moving plus 3 kids has proved to be a challenge that I am not handling very graciously. I was thinking the other day about my past pregnancies and our previous moves and realized that we have moved at least once, sometimes twice during every single one of my pregnancies! Geesh!

Ok, so here is what is going on and where we are now. We moved out of our Mountain Green home and we are now settling into our on base home, which I LOVE! I don’t feel so far away from everyone and everything anymore and more importantly Aidan is in a new school with a new teacher! This woman is the greatest blessing ever. She has 27 years of experience, loves her students and it shows. It was like pulling teeth to get Aidan’s previous teacher(the devil) to communicate with me but Mrs. Moore(a saint) has e-mailed me several times just to keep me up to speed with how Aidan is adjusting. Also, she has arranged for him to meet with the Speech Therapist to be re-evaluated so that we can get him the extra help that he needs. Can not even express the peace that she has brought to me.

Also, I am still pregnant!!! We had quite the scare a couple of weeks ago because I had been bleeding. Anything and everything I did would cause me to bleed. After several doctors visits and ultrasounds my doctor was able to diagnose me with Partial Placenta Previa which basically means that part of the placenta was covering my cervix which made hardly any movement cause me to bleed. Awesome. I pretty much put myself on bedrest and after a couple of weeks of being super careful I have been incident and pain free. Now, I don’t mean to be dramatic but now I think I may be anemic. Rich is scheduling an appointment for me to go into the lab and get tested so I can figure out why I feel so dang crummy!

Here is baby peanut’s first picture ever:


This was taken at 11 weeks and I am now going on 17 weeks so he/she is bigger and I can’t wait for my next ultrasound!

A few random pics since I’ve recently felt good enough to actually leave the house…

The base had a super fun family event that we took the kids to and had so much fun! There was a clown and a bunch of fun little games for the kids to play to win candy.



Marshmallow roasting/burning

DSC_1307 DSC_1310

Indoor canoeing



And face painting







See the goofball guy off to the right? That’s Dave, one of the pharmacists that Rich works with. He thought he was pretty funny. Haha! I’ll crop it later but I thought I’d leave it for now as a fun memory.


It felt so good to get out of the house and I loved seeing the kids have fun since they’ve been trapped inside with a tired momma.

The other day the girls went out to build a snowman and I felt good enough to grab my camera to snap a few pics of them.

“Mom, the sun is too bright!”







Once the snowman was finished, Arabella was ready to go inside. Maya stayed behind because she wanted to give the snowman ears.


She was so excited to come and get me a few minutes later to show me the snowman’s ears.


She said it is a bunny snowman named “Head”. She later changed her mind and named it “Peter Rabbit”. She just cracks me up!

I’m so grateful to be feeling a bit better so that I can enjoy these moments with my kids again. I’ve missed taking pictures of them and having fun with them. I hope we can get this crumminess figured out so that I can enjoy them even more!

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