October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I am waaaay back blogged:( I hate it when that happens. A couple weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch and I was so excited to get home and blog about it then my computer deleted all of my pics!!!! Thankfully I have an amazing husband that was able to recover them after a few days and here I am a good 2 weeks later, ready to catch up. So here was our amazing day at the pumpkin patch.

Of course, the only pic I would get out of this pose is Aidan with his glazed over eyes and fake smile. Maya squinting to see through her way too long bangs (which I cut right after the pumpkin patch). And Arabella looking completely disguisted:) At least we tried, right?


Picking out pumpkins:





I’ll finish with this picture which I LOVE!



Trunk or Treat

Kids getting older can be so much fun! Sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it. Right now I love it! Aidan is OBSESSED with Toy Story, has been for quite a while actually. There was no question what he wanted to be for Halloween…Woody! Of course Maya just had to be Jessie since she has been equally obsessed with her (we bought her a Jessie doll for her birthday). Arabella got to be a hand-me-down witch:) She wore Maya’s costume from last year “witch” was really cool. It’s so fun that they are so close in age we get a lot of use out of all of our girl stuff.

Now for some Trunk or Treat pics. It was a rainy day so it was moved indoors, to the gym.


I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 30bucks on a plastic Woody & Jessie costume so we just kinda pieced them together. I actually like them better because we invested a little more in the hats, which they LOVE, and I made Maya’s chaps and Aidan’s vest to add a little personal touch.


Arabella & Maya in the same costume one short year later. Oh how time flies.





Even Steve Jobs was there!


The Trunk or Treat was on Saturday. Today, on Halloween day, all of the mommies met at the park for a “Teeny Tiny Halloween Party”! Aidan was at school so I went with the girls. They played games, ate food and then had a little parade where the kids walked around to the Monster Mash, holding hands.



Here are most of the munchkins. It was impossible to get them all to sit down.


After some fun was had, the girls and I rushed down the street to crash Aidan’s class party for a few minutes.



Mrs. Michelle & Mrs. Tatiana made shirts for all of the kids and they each got to decorate it. Aidan had so much fun at the Halloween pizza party.


Side note: Mrs. Michelle said that there was a little boy on the play ground wearing a Woody costume and Aidan chased him around the whole time! hahaha!

I would say Halloween was a huge success! It was so much fun watching Aidan & Maya get excited about their costumes and Arabella go crazy over all of the candy. Best Halloween Ever!

October 21, 2011

Mi Nena

Lately, it seems like every post is about Maya. Well, here’s another one. Today, as I was unloading all of my Target goodies from the basket into the van, I said to Maya, “Come on sugar.” And she responded, “No, I’m not sugar! I’m mommies Nena!” Nena is my nickname for Maya. It’s spanish for baby girl. She really loves her nickname. I can tell that it makes her feel very special and loved. One of my favorite questions to her is, “Are you mommies nena or daddies nena?” She, without fail, responds in a sweet, dainty little voice, “Mommies nena!”

I love my nena.

October 19, 2011

Little Momma

Remember THIS post about Maya wanting a baby? Well, as it turns out, not only does she want a baby, she wants to cook and wear an apron like mommy. Last week I was in the kitchen cooking. I happened to be wearing an apron cuz I was frying some tortillas. I came out to check on the kids for a bit and Maya said, “Uhh Mommy, I like your dress! Can I wear it?” Sure! So I put it on her and off she went to the kitchen. I let her help me grate some cheese.




She was so happy to be a “momma” and help out in the kitchen.

Aidan’s 1st Primary Program!

This past Sunday was Aidan’s very 1st Primary Program! I have been dreaming of this day since Aidan was a baby. I just couldn’t wait until we would have one of our very own up on the stand singing songs about Heavenly Father, Jesus, Daddy, Mommy & the scriptures. It was absolutely EVERYTHING I had always imagined it would be. I’m pretty sure I was smiling from ear to ear the entire program.

I’m so grateful for iphones! Personally I don’t want one but I’m so glad Rich had his and captured Aidan saying his part on video! I’ve only watched it a million times:)

Aidan’s Primary Program

I LOVE IT!!!! He was supposed to be completing the sentence, “I can follow God’s plan by…” His response was supposed to be, “By going to church on Sunday.” But he pretty much just said, “By going to Sunday!” I love how he looks at us for approval and then JUMPS down! I love primary and the things he learns there. It’s such a blessing to our home and family.

A Pony Ride

This past Saturday was yet another reminder of how quickly my kids are growing up. I had to take Aidan to his 1st Saturday Primary Program practice. I just dropped him off at the church at 9:30am and then picked him up after their practice and pizza party at 12:30. Weird.
Rich and I decided we would take the girls out for a fun time since Aidan was livin’ it up with his primary friends. We took them to Tree Tops Park for a pony ride!
Arabella was cracking me up! I kept asking her to look at me so I could take a picture and this is what she would do instead:
Maya loved the pony ride so much that it was a struggle to convince her to get off.
Meanwhile, Arabella was preparing for her ride.
Off she went!
She loved it so much, too. Riding a pony was Aidan’s birthday wish so we will definitely be back to make his wish come true:)

October 13, 2011

They Are Out To Get Her!

Poor Maya. Poor, poor Maya. The girl just can’t catch a break when it comes to ants! Remember THIS post about Maya sticking her hand in an ant hill? As it turns out, that was just the beginning of it! Just the other day we went out to eat as a family and happened to park our van right next to 10 billion ants, which only got on Maya of course. She freaked out as they bit her and I swatted them off. If that wasn’t enough ant incidents, she had another one today! After my Turbo Kick class at the gym we went out to the van where I had parked next to a palm tree. I was digging through my bag, trying to find  my keys and Maya was pulling bark off of the palm tree. All of a sudden she starts stomping and screaming! Funny thing is I didn’t even have to look or think twice, I just grabbed her and started swatting at her feet. There were, in fact, several ants stinging my baby girls little feet:( Darn things! Hopefully, this will be the last of these encounters.

The other night we went to Chick-Fil-A to get Aidan & Arabella’s caricatures done, and we did! Because I’m too lazy to scan them I just took a picture of them. Here they are now all 3 together!

DSC_5637Maya CaricatureDSC_5638

I know the colors and quality is horrible but I was just too darn lazy to scan them so instead I took a picture. I love them!!

In other news, Aidan received his 1st Ups package. By received I don’t mean that it was for him. I mean he actually answered the door and took the package!!!! I was in my bedroom putting the girls down for their naps and didn’t hear the  knock at the door. No problem, Aidan heard it! He opened up the door and took the package. Luckily, we know our Ups guy. I think it’s time for a lock that Aidan can’t reach:)

October 9, 2011

Temple Trip!

I almost can’t believe it but it’s true! Rich and I finally got to go to the TEMPLE!!! The last time we had gone was when we were sealed, like 3 1/2 years ago! It had been waaaay too long and we were in desperate need. How did we get so lucky to make Saturday our temple day? Well, some amazing friends volunteered, that’s right, they volunteered to watch our kids. Rich teaches the Temple Prep class and Grace and her fiance, Jared are in our class. They actually came up to us and asked us if we would like to go to the temple. Ummmm, yes please! So, they came over to our house at 5am and spent the day with the kiddos. Talk about nice!

We drove the 3 hours to the Orlando Temple. It was such a beautiful and enriching experience. I had missed the feeling of being in the temple so much and was soaking in the peace and beauty of it.


Didn’t this picture I took turn out awesome?!?! Totally kidding. I got this one online. Sadly, it was an extremely rainy day so I didn’t get any pics:(

I LOVE the temple!

October 5, 2011

My Mistake

They really wanted to nap together in the tent.
So I let them.
They laughed, screamed, cried…the WHOLE time.
Lesson learned.

My Baby Wants A Baby

Maya has decided that she is ready to be a mommy. Out of the blue she is all about babies. This actually really surprises me because she’s never been one to play with baby dolls or anything of the sort. Today we went to storytime at a friends house and my friend Heidi was there. Heidi is the mommy of 1 month old baby Addy. When Maya saw Addy she said to Heidi, “I want one!”. Then, she asked if she could hold her. Heidi let her and she sat there for a good 20 minutes being extremely protective of her baby.


The past couple of days she has asked me if she can hold Arabella after her nap.


They are pretty much the same size, haha!


Good thing I have a good 20 years before my baby has a baby.

October 4, 2011

Florida Baby

I never really thought about it but today I realized that Maya is a REAL Florida baby. As we were leaving the gym this morning, Maya said, “Oooo, it’s cold!”. Cold? Really? There was a light breeze, no humidity and it was like 78 degrees. Yeah, I guess for a Floridian that would be considered cold!

Potty Training? Maybe…


She probably won’t be too happy that I took a pic of her sitting on froggy toilet when she gets older but I just couldn’t resist. The past few days Arabella has been coming to me right before she goes poopy and she tells me that she needs to go. I know she’s not even 2 but hey, if she wants to potty train herself, I’m game!


She hasn’t actually gone yet. Today, she mostly just waved at me and said “hi” just to make sure I was looking at her.


Saying “CHEESE!”

I’m finding that she is more excited about the idea of sitting on the froggy toilet than actually doing it, so she gets up every 2 second. I like finding ways to solve these sorts of problems.


Just another reason our family loves the ipad:D We’ll see how long she is interested in potty training. I’m not really making an effort but maybe she’ll do what Maya did and train herself. Keep your fingers crossed!

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