March 23, 2015

Nature Walk & Antelope Island Ultra

It is finally feeling like Spring! We have been loving the weather and soaking it up while it lasts because, well, it IS Utah and it could very possibly snow in a few weeks. Last weekend we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go to the Ogden Nature Center.


Arabella put on hike appropriate clothes on and then threw a tutu on top of it. She is SO girly!


We checked out the few really neat birds that had been rescued. There was a bald eagle with a damaged wing in one of the cages. It was so awesome to see one up close.


Eagle’s nest


Do you love how at least one but usually both girls have their hair in their face?

Bear den


The view was beautiful!


There’s Eva!


I was there too!

photo 1

Family selfie:)

photo 2

We stopped at the end of the trail and Eva found a log she liked.




The longer we live here the more I appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. The day before yesterday Rich ran the Antelope Island 50 mile ultra. The kids and I drove out there to see him finish.

photo 1

Rich had a friend come out and pace him for the last 17 miles.


The 50 mile finishers got a mug that was special made for this event in Park City.


Driving back I stopped and took this picture on my phone from Antelope Island looking towards the city. It really is beautiful here.

photo 2

Enjoying our last year in Utah and getting excited for our next adventure!

March 11, 2015

Milk Mess

Babies are messy, especially when they are learning to feed themselves. I understand that and it doesn’t bother me. This, however, is making me second guess my decision of switching her to organic milk which cost more than double what regular milk costs.

Oh the joys…

What’s been up?

What’s been up? Mmmm, not a whole lot but somehow we manage to keep pretty busy. You know how keeping up with the house is a constant battle? Meals, laundry, cleaning…today I have it together. Notice the emphasis on the word today. Tomorrow will probably be a whole other story and I’ll feel like I’m drowning in work again but for today I’m doing pretty good. Here are a few snapshots from the last couple of weeks.

Aidan has become an excellent reader and really loves it. His teacher said he is the best reader in the class and he is always volunteering when they need somebody to read out loud. I’m so grateful for the self-confidence he has gained this year that he was lacking last year. At home he is reading The Magic Treehouse series and when given the opportunity he loves to read to Eva.



Last week was spirit week so on crazy hair day we did Aidan and Maya’s hair blue!

 DSC_7711 DSC_7710

photo 1

Eva figured out how to use the magnetic puzzles and it is the cutest thing to watch!

photo 2

Arabella and Noah “helped” me make brownies. They totally have a sibling-like relationship. Such a love/hate thing going on but while making brownies it was all love.








I guess I’ve taken enough pictures of Eva that she now knows how to pose, or she was just in a silly mood because she hasn’t done it since. She was so funny during her bath!

DSC_7749 DSC_7751

I just can’t get enough of her!


Almost 19 months old and still not walking…stinker!


Maya lost her 1st tooth and the tooth fairy didn’t forget! Her adult tooth has already grown out half way so looks like we have a visit to an orthodontist in our future.

photo 3

This totally happened…

photo 4

Eva was freaking out because she wanted me to hold her but I was in the middle of cooking dinner. I think I mentioned before that Aidan just can’t stand to let her cry. He grabbed her blanket and held her while she screamed for 10 minutes. I told him a couple of times to just put her down and let her cry because I felt bad for him but he insisted on holding her. Eventually, the crying stopped and she snuggled with her big brother. He really is crazy about her and she adores him. I love to see them bond more as they get older.

March 1, 2015

Sick week

Yay! This week is over! Its been a while since we’ve had a week this bad. It started out fine but then got progressively worse. We got hit by some snow which I’m never a fan of but the kids were over the moon.

photo 1

I got to watch this sweet baby on Monday and Tuesday.

photo 2

The kids wanted to keep her. I was reminded of how much work a baby can be especially when you have one with a trach. I can’t believe I had a baby with a barely one year old…twice! Glad that’s over!

photo 3 photo 4-1

While taking care of baby Bailey, Eva started acting fussy and then spiked a fever on Tuesday night.

photo 1-1

All of our scheduled nurses called in sick and there weren’t any available replacements so I’ve been up every night suctioning Eva. After a couple of days with a fever a rash appeared. Diagnosis? Roseola.

photo 4

It has been such a rough week for her(and me).

photo 3-1

I’m so glad this week is over! Ready for a fresh start with hopefully a healthy baby.

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