May 21, 2010

Aidan & Maya Photoshoot

My friend, Heidi, is an amazing photographer. A couple weeks ago she snapped some pictures of Aidan & Maya and did a great job. Here they are!

May 14, 2010

Rainy Day

"Well Maya, it doesn't look like we are going out to play today."
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May 7, 2010


Tonight I fed two little mouths. I changed two little diapers. I dressed two little girls in pj's. I snuggled two little sweethearts while reading two bedtime stories. Then, I kissed two little cheeks goodnight.
Tonight I'm missing my two boys but I have a feeling they are not missing me. Rich and Aidan are sitting outside somewhere eating s'mores and being boys. It's daddy/son canoe trip weekend!! Rich was so excited that Aidan is finally old enough to take camping. They left today at 5:30 and the second they were gone I MISSED THEM! I can't wait to hear all of their fun stories and see pictures of their little adventure. When did my baby boy get so big?

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