March 31, 2016

Hong Kong trip

(This is a post I started a couple of months ago-before our world got flipped upside down. Time for me to get back to normal life bloggingSmile)
Oh gosh, where do I even begin with this one? We flew to Hong Kong for a quick “little” family trip. Who says that?!?! We do, apparently. So yes, we did and it was amazing! We hopped on a plane on the 6th and took the 2 1/2 hour flight to Hong Kong.
Blurry but here we all are on the plane!
At the Hong Kong airport.
I was completely overwhelmed by the city after we got off of the train and were walking to the condo we would be staying at. The streets were so narrow and cars seemed to not be very aware of pedestrians. I’m pretty sure I was almost hit by a car at least once. I was so focused on making sure we didn’t lose one of the kids and making sure they didn’t get hit by any cars, it was insane! Such a drastic change from our calm little island. By the time we left I was beginning to get a feel for how to get around such a huge city.
First morning
We spent our first two days at Disneyland but that’s a whole other post. We had one day to explore the city and that was not even close to being enough time but it had to do. Our first destination was Victoria’s Peak to get a great view of the city. We made the journey there part of our Hong Kong experience by walking to the ferry.
We finally made it to the Star Ferry. This was right before we boarded.
We got off and then continued towards the Peak Tram. On our way we saw these double decker buses loaded with people.
We made our way to Peak Tram which would take us straight up the mountain.
It was so steep that at one point this lady was standing like this!
We made it up the mountain and headed up this beautiful trail to a gorgeous view of Hong Kong.
After seeing the city we jumped on another tram and headed toward the temple.
Then, once again, we took another tram to these beautiful and peaceful gardens in the middle of the city.
Because it took me so long to get to this post I’ve left out a few of our little Hong Kong experiences. There is just so much to cover! We did have a great 3 day trip and such a cool experience showing our kids another part of the world. They especial loved Disneyland, of course. We can’t wait to take them on more adventures!

March 14, 2016

Rich at home + Grandma’s visit

I think none of us realized what a long recovery Rich had ahead of him after coming home from the hospital. The military approved him for 30 days convalescent leave and he would need every single one of those days. We have to acknowledge what a HUGE blessing it has been to be in the military during this time. We would be hard pressed to find a job that would pay for all of his medical expenses, give him paid leave with no pressure to rush back to work and still have a job to come back to. That is such a blessing.

Here he is just a couple of days before being discharged.


Rich coming home wasn’t quite what the kids expected. We definitely underplayed the extent of daddy’s sickness so when he was at home and spending 90% of the day in bed it was a little adjustment for them. Spending any time with him was a treat because even the slightest movement of the bed would cause him severe cramping despite the pain meds he was taking.


I have always loved my mother-in-law but what she did for us has deepened my love and appreciation for her. It is because of her that the kids lives weren’t flipped upside down and I didn’t get admitted to the mental ward. She came in and provided us all with stability at a time I was fumbling to keep it together.



She took charge of Rich’s new diet and got busy experimenting with lots of different recipes, some successful and others not so much. These pictures are from the beginning stages of solid food. Meal times were the only time he would get out of bed.

IMG_1865 IMG_7039-1


After about a week at home he began to have a little more energy. He started spending time getting some vitamin D.


He had spent 10 days in the hospital and about a week at home when he finally decided he was ready and wanted to get out of the house. We took a quick trip to the mall for dinner where mom enjoyed some delicious Japanese ramen.


We ran to the market in the mall to get some ingredients and by the time we were done there Rich was completely worn out. We couldn’t have been there more than an hour and a half but that was a bit too much for him. I love this picture so much. They were so sweet to each other.


Rich had horrible nights filled with cramping pains and constant trips to the bathroom. Pretty early on mom suggested he try sleeping sitting up. It was a great suggestion because he was able to get more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time. He still sleeps there.


It’s hard to say if Rich made a little or a lot of progress during the 3 weeks that Marianne was here. Compared to where he was when she got here he made huge progress but not nearly enough to say he was better. I would say he definitely got through the most difficult part while she was here and that was in huge part to her love and care. She massaged his feet every night including the day she went to visit him in the hospital. NOTHING compares to a mother’s love. Nothing.


Here is a quick rundown of all of the amazing things she did while she was here.

*Walked the kids to the bus stop every morning*

IMG_7015 IMG_7150


Hat day


IMG_7358 IMG_7014

*Painted little finger nails and playing out at the banyan tree*




*Helped Aidan fulfill one of his cub scout requirements by cleaning the bridge by our house*

IMG_7005 IMG_7007

*Pulled one of Maya’s bottom teeth*


*Enjoyed waaaaay too many delicious Family Mart pastry’s with me for which I take full responsibility*


*Had fun keep us all informed on my chalkboard*

IMG_7107 IMG_7052

Notice her flying away in a pickle with wings, hehe!


*Taking the kids to church on Sunday and being a part of our #bakersundayselfie*


*Visited Odomari beach*








*Visited the aquarium*





Both Odomari beach and the aquarium were rough outings for Rich. He probably shouldn’t have done either one of them because he was in a great deal of pain on our way home from Odomari and was exhausted and hungry at the aquarium. It was really important to him to show his mom a little bit of what Okinawa has to offer. He did and that made him happy.

*No visit is complete without an Okinawa pedicure from Cocok’s*




*Lastly, we hit up American Village and Okinawa’s very own, Blue Seal ice cream*



3 weeks flew by and saying goodbye was so hard to do. Rich wasn’t feeling well that morning so they said their goodbyes at home.


It took us a couple of days to get used to not having grandma around. Eva asked for her the next morning and still does, randomly. I really missed her company but she did what she came here to do and she did it really well. She left us this sweet note which tells me that she took home some good memories too.


Rich was on a great path of healing that he has continued. He is up to 142 lbs from 132 lbs and is gaining more and more strength each day. He was able to extend his convalescent leave by 2 more weeks and we are 100% sure he will have the energy he needs to make it through a work day when it’s time for him to go back. We are feeling like we are just now easing into “normal” life and we are so grateful for that.

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