June 24, 2013

Rockwood’s In The House!!!

A couple weeks ago we had visitors!!! My sister-in-law, Julianne, came for a visit along with her hubby, Jeffrey and 5 kids! That’s right, we had a total of 8 kids in our little house and they had so much fun! My kids had been looking forward to their cousins visiting for weeks and did not bore of all of the fun that 4 boys and one little baby girl could bring.
Here are some pics:
Splash Pad
Carson trying to talk Maya into playing with him.
“Please Maya!”
He gave up.
Water guns!
Luke and Maya sharing:)
Daisy’s first popsicle…actually this was her second! She had already eaten one!
Uh-Oh, it’s almost all gone.
I think she liked it…
Tyler lost a tooth at our house!
We visited the aquarium:
We went on a hike:
We rode a gondola:
And played in dirty snow at the top of the mountain, where we also feared for the lives of our children because we were surrounded by drop-offs! Yikes!
It was a good visit from the Rockwood’s. We love them and can’t wait to see them next week when we go to Missouri! Thanks for coming!!!

Happy Father’s Day!

Yes, I’m a whole week late but at least I didn’t miss the actual day, right? We spoiled daddy with his favorite breakfast, french toast! I was so clever and tricked him into thinking that I had forgotten all about father’s day and started apologizing the night before for not remembering to buy him anything. He was bummed but very understanding. It was the best seeing his face when I brought out the DeWalt 20volt drill that I bought him. He was both excited about the drill and excited that I hadn’t forgotten him on father’s day:)
I feel so blessed to have such an awesome eternal companion who also happens to be an incredible dad. He is so loved and admired by our kids. I could not have asked for anybody better to create a family with. We love you Rich!

June 17, 2013

Locks of Love X 2

I cannot believe that I haven’t blogged about the single most important event that has happened in our family this past week! Let me just do a picture rundown and then I’ll give some details.
DSC_1959 DSC_1972
Not done yet…
DSC_1985 DSC_1987
DSC_2000 DSC_2007
Is there really much left to say? Not really. I will add that the girls were SOOOO excited to cut their hair so that another little girl that is sick and doesn’t have hair could wear it. Melted my heart to hear their excitement. I love their short hair. It has saved me 30-40 minutes a day of brushing and braiding. Truth be told, I think they are the cutest regardless of the length of their hair.

~30 Weeks~

I’ve got lots of fun to blog about but haven’t the time to do it! Playing catch-up with cleaning my house but I’m seeing the light so I’ll be updating soon. For now, just a quick update on baby girl’s growth!
~30 weeks~ 
This is the first week that I am feeling like I want to be DONE! It’s mostly my fault though. I know that I have to keep up on taking my iron pills or else the anemia will make me feel like death and yet I allowed myself to run out along with constantly forgetting to take them. Week 30 was horribleSad smile My veins are getting much worse and most days I just want to gnaw my right leg off because it hurts so dang bad. My only comfort is that Julianne (my sis-in-law) and I have decided to plan a girls week getaway after I have this baby to go have our veins fixed. This brings me comfort.
Anyway, enough with the complaining which poor Rich never gets relief from…I have an announcement! We have spread the word and our family knows so now I can tell my blog and all 2 of the people that read it, the name we have decided on for our baby girl! She shall be called….
Awwww, I love it! We are still a bit undecided on her middle name and will probably wait to announce that until she is born but we both feel great about Eva and are so excited to add her and her cute little name to our family!

June 9, 2013

My Little Graduate

Friday was Aidan’s graduation from Kindergarten. Normally, I’m sure I would think this was kind of silly, to have a graduation from Kindergarten, but given the struggles we had with school this year it truly was a reason to celebrate. Aidan actually missed a month of school in the middle of the year due to a horrible teacher and experience. Moving on base was the best decision we could have made for Aidan and his school experience. He got the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Moore, who changed his attitude about school and made his really love kindergarten. He accomplished so much with her help. We are so proud of him and his progress and are so excited that he is perfectly prepared for 1st grade!
Silly boy
Congrats to my little graduate!

~29 Weeks~

Can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! Baby girl will be here before I know it! I am excited to not have lower back pain and I am even more excited to hold a tiny little baby again.
Girls name is picked out for sure, just gotta tell family first and then I’ll post what it is:)

June 3, 2013

~28 Weeks~

Here I am again, taking a horrible quality selfie:) Rich is home from his 3 week TDY but was very busy training for his 50 mile Ultra trail run that he ran in this Saturday(blog post coming soon) so I settled for this once again.
~27 weeks~
Here I am at 28 weeks! Feeling pretty great except for my miserable varicose veins that have decided to really act up and bulge and cause me horrible throbbing in my right leg. It is looking pretty unattractive and while I knew that would probably happen it still sucks to see my leg turn into a veiny mess…oh well.
~28 Weeks~
I’m getting excited to have this little angel join us! It has been so fun for the kids to watch my belly grow and they are all SOOOO excited to meet her! They LOVE to feel her move and wait so patiently with their hands on my belly. They are constantly kissing my belly and talking to her.
This has been the most fun pregnancy because it is the first one where the kids are actually old enough to understand what’s going on. I just know they are all going to be such great helpers!
We have finally decided on a name but are still not positive on a middle name. We’ll make the name announcement when we’ve got it all figured out. This was the hardest name to pick but I love what we chose. So, just a few weeks to go and a whole house to prepare for her arrival. Lots to do, lots to do!

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