August 30, 2012

Little Toot

Rich introduced the kids to this little cartoon a few weeks ago and ever since, it has been their absolute favorite. I hear them quoting it randomly. It is so cute!

August 22, 2012


(Oh my gosh, how sad! A post I started, never finished and what’s worse…I FORGOT ABOUT IT:( Must finish and post!)
I’ve decided that I am officially drowning in my own memories. There is just no way that I’m going to be able to write about all of the awesome fun we’ve been having out here. I just do not have the time! So this is going to be the past few weeks in a “Picture Nutshell” if you will;)
Lots of good times at Grandma Bakers.
Lots of iphone/ipad playing has been had by all.
Playing in undies at Grandma Josie’s.
Chlo, Chlo! That’s what I call her:D
Making french toast with Grandma B!
Going to Uncle Jeffrey’s b-day partay. Quick visit to the bathroom.
“Excuse me!”
DSC_9054 DSC_9050 
Moonshine beach with my fam.
  DSC_9114 DSC_9136
DSC_9127 DSC_9146
Dress up
DSC_9156 DSC_9169
Me and my sis being super women and going to church with all 6 kids!
DSC_9186 DSC_9195
DSC_9201  DSC_9203
Goofing off
DSC_9210  DSC_9215
Falling asleep in hallways
Sooooo many more iphone pics and video’s that need to be added to this but this has to do for now. What a great time we had in Missouri. It was hard but fun. My Baker family is the best! Seriously couldn’t asked for greater in-laws. I love them so much. My family, of course is awesome. My little sis is my best friend and we made memories that I will never forget.

August 21, 2012

My Special Birthday Boy

Where does time go? Why must it go so quickly? 5 years ago today was THE most life changing day of my life. I remember the night before Aidan was born clearly. I was so unaware that in just a few hours my life would never be the same. I would never be the same. It’s hard to believe that such a little person could teach me all that he has about life, sacrifice, and about love.
It was such a bitter-sweet day. After 13 hours of, hands down, the most excruciating physical pain I have ever felt (no epidural), I was introduced to the most excruciating emotional pain I had ever felt. I spent the next 16 months learning so many lessons. I learned about self sacrifice, extreme sleep deprivation, frustration. I basically learned how to be a nurse, an occupational therapist and a basket case. I learned life lessons about prayer, faith, a loving and caring Heavenly Father, and eternal families. But what I learned about the most is LOVE.
Never had I felt a love like I did for my little Aidan. The only way I was able to survive all that I did was because of that love. 5 years later my love for my sweet boy grows more and more every single day. There was nothing that I wouldn’t have done for him then and that still rings true today. Today, we celebrated Aidan’s birth and my heart is so filled with gratitude for a strong, healthy, sweet hearted boy to love forever.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

You Know What They Say…

When it rains it pours! Now, I am exaggerating because in reality things haven’t been that bad but they haven’t gone quite how we imagined they would.  Since arriving in Utah we have just not been able to shake the icky germs that are keeping us down! Maya was sick when we got here then Aidan has been showing signs of stress with random things he’s been doing. Maya got an infection, I got strep then Arabella got strep. It hasn’t even been 2 WEEKS!!! What is going on here? I’m gonna knock on wood when I say this but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m functioning at my full capacity thanks to antibiotics and all the kids are starting to feel better too.
One thing I have learned during this whole ordeal is that I am an absolute WHIMP when it comes to being displaced. I haven’t always been this way but since I’ve been a mom I have to have a stable home, order and routine. These are musts for me to function. I don’t know why but I feel totally and completely handicapped when these things are missing. I can not even begin to describe how excited I am to move in to our new house! 2 months is waaaaaay too long to be bouncing around.
As much as it kills me to not be able to document EVERYTHING that has happened in our lives during the past 3 months, I realize it is a blessing. I feel so blessed for all of the adventures and opportunities that have been placed in our path. 6 years ago I never would have imagined that we would be doing so many wonderful things, meeting so many incredible people and seeing all that we have seen. I also never, ever imagined how busy I would be with 3 little ones! When there are too many great things happening in your life that you just can’t keep up with them…..yeah, life is good :D

August 10, 2012

Utah At Last

While I have so much to write and so many pictures to share I thought that I should take advantage of the quiet and just update a bit on our current status. We have finally made the big move to UTAH! It was such a fun and adventurous journey here. Rich convinced me to take the scenic route which was a few extra hours but so worth it! Many pictures to come.
At this very moment we are in a hotel. Everybody is asleep except for me. Here’s the story.  Apparently our house that was supposedly reserved for us was not reserved after all. Nice. They put us up in a hotel for a couple nights and I can’t really complain too much because it’s nice:) Good story, huh.
The drive into Salt Lake was AMAZING! It’s hard to fully describe the feeling I had when I drove past Welfare Square, where I served as coordinating sister for 3 transfers and then the incredible feeling of glancing over and seeing the Salt Lake Temple. It completely brought me to tears because it is such a special place to me. I can’t wait to go there and take the kids to see where I served. I feel so blessed to be this close to Temple Square. Grateful to be here.

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