April 28, 2010

Survival Mode

It has been quite a while since I have blogged, taken pictures, had "me" time. I've decided that it is important for me to take a few minutes to blog about what's been going on in our home. Survival mode. I have kicked in to survival mode. It is nearing the end of the semester and Rich is pretty much unavailable. House is a mess. Kids run around half dressed or in their pj's all day...so do I(let's be honest). Today, I reached my limit of saying "No Aidan", "Get down Maya", "Time Out!" Oh, what a day. The end is in sight. Last final is tomorrow morning. Then, I will get some sleep and maybe even take a shower.

April 9, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts!

This year Easter was so fun! Both Aidan and Maya are old enough to take out hunting for eggs so hunt we did. We went to 2 Easter egg hunts. The first was at my friend, Amy's, house. We got there late and all of the eggs were gone by the time we got there. Luckily we brought our own :) So we threw them out in the yard and sent them off on their first egg hunt. Aidan quickly discovered the treasure the lies within the eggs.

It was a good time.

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April 8, 2010

Big Brother

Aidan is such a good big brother to his new baby sister. He loves to hold her and he's always really careful when he is playing around her. He can't quite say her name but boy does he try. He calles her "Eh-ella". They are so cute together.
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4 Months Old And All Smiles

Enough said

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I wanna do what Sam did!

I announced a few weeks ago that Rich and I are doing P90X. We are in week 4 of the 12 week program and we're really loving it. Or as Tony, the P90X trainer would say, "I hate it...but I love it". It is such a love hate relationship that we have with it. We hate having to do it every day but love the feeling of accomplishment when we mark off the work out for the day. Now I'm not gonna lie, I've missed a work out here and there but for the most part, the days that I missed the work out I ran a few miles. Justified?

Anyway, so my goal is to lose 15 lbs. So far I've lost 3 maybe 4 lbs, depending on which scale I weigh myself on. I got a little discouraged during week 3 because I didn't think I was seeing any change. Yeah, I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. Then I watched Biggest Loser and got even more discouraged! Isn't that show supposed to do the opposite? Well there was a challenge to see who could lose 2% of their body fat first and Sam won. He only needed to lose 6 lbs and he lost 10 lbs in 4 days!!!! What? Granted, he has all day to work out with no distractions. I have a few more responsibilities than he does but I still kinda got annoyed. I don't expect to lose 10 lbs in 4 days but wouldn't it be nice? Kuddos to Sam for all of the hard work. I'll get there. Slowly but surely, I'll get there.

This is my chart. Now I feel like I've gotta explain my missed workouts. Week 1 I was training for my 5 mile run and didn't want to over do it. Lame excuse but it works :)

This is Rich's chart. He's pretty much amazing.


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