July 31, 2011


I love you. You know I love you. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to shoot in manual and you are so much fun to play with but if something has got to go, well, it’s you. Don’t worry, it’s not for good! I will still pull you out for the occasional photo shoot of the kids and on special occasions but if I’m being honest, I just can’t take care of all 3 kids and use you for regular outings. Point and shoot doesn’t do as good of a job but it does a pretty darn good one, so that is what I’ll be using a little more often. You are still my favorite.



July 30, 2011

Saturday Beach Day

This morning Rich asked me what I wanted to do today. I said, “I just wanna get out of this house!” So, what do you do when it’s in the 90’s and you live in South Florida? Go to the pool! NOT! We went to the beach:) The kids love the beach and I have to admit it’s a lot more fun now that they are a little older. Just a few pics:




P1040979 P1050016

Beware of my blinding white thighs!





It was A-MA-ZING!!! What more can I say? How do you describe a once in a lifetime experience like seeing Maná in concert? I mean, really? I know most people are like Ma-who? That’s ok. You’re only missing out on the most famous, incredible, amazing, talented, spanish rock band EVER!!!! I still can’t believe we got to go to there concert. I wish soooo badly that I could relive that night.

Now, of course no big exciting event would be complete without me goofing it up in some way so I left my mark on the night in a very devastating way. I’ll tell you how. So, we got a sitter for the kids and had dinner at Olive Garden which was horrible and free:) Then, we drove up to Miami. We parked a couple of blocks from the arena and followed the crowd. The closer we got the more excited I got. I was getting all giggly and giddy as we were walking up the steps of the arena. Seeing as how it was a once in a lifetime experience I wanted to be sure to document every single moment with pictures and about halfway up the steps to the arena I saw the perfect shot. I stopped to get out my camera, flipped the on button and held up my camera…nothing…….panic set in…..no……no….NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I forgot the battery!!! Can you picture me? Standing there? Devastated. I cried. I could not believe that I was at a Maná concert that I had looked forward to for so many months and I was going to be camera-less. Rich was so positive and whipped out his phone, which takes horrible pictures by the way, and became the photographer for the night:)


Sadly, this was the best pic of the night:( Despite the horrid quality of this picture I love it and will treasure it forever. It was an amazing night. Like I said, if I could just relive that night one more time I would be in heaven.

Fher, the lead singer was so freakin’ awesome! As a band they are amazing. I think it’s so incredible that they’ve been famous since the 80’s and their older songs are still popular among the younger generation. There was such a wide age range at the concert, people in their 50’s to teenagers. I will say though, there weren’t too many white guys from Missouri there! hahaha! It’s just one more thing I love about Rich, we can both get excited about spanish music, bands and concerts. It was so much fun sharing something that I love with him. Oh yeah, the matching shirts were his idea…he’s the best!

I don’t know if we'll ever get another opportunity like that again so I’m glad we jumped at the chance to see such a legendary band in concert. One of the greatest experiences of my life!

July 28, 2011

Don’t Give Up!

I realize I am REALLY REALLY far behind on my blog and I have every intention of writing about the Maná concert that Rich and I went to, which by the way was AMAZING, and our 2 week trip to Missouri. For now, I’m just gonna write about an experience that I’m sure I’ll be laughing about a few years from now.

First of all, let me just mention my incredible 14 hours of sleep that I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of nights ago. I was crashing on the couch at 6:30, when my night in shining armor stepped in and rescued me. “Go to bed.” Were the loving words that he ever so sweetly uttered. I obeyed:) I woke up at 8:30 the next morning and it felt sooooo goooooood. Unfortunately, I’m still fighting a losing battle with depression and the sleep didn’t help the next day. Anyway, to repay Rich for his kindness I though I would let him go running all by himself. With 3 little kids doing anything by yourself is quite the treat. I was also determined to do something good for myself and go to the gym. I loaded up the kids and drove to the gym, leaving behind my cell phone (I will regret this later). So, as I was unloading the kids I hit the lock button out of habit. One by one I unbuckled Aidan, Maya and then I set my wallet and keys down on the seat to take Arabella out her her seat. Then, I closed the door……………………..:(

I realized instantly that I had just locked myself out of the van but made every effort not to panic. I just turned towards the gym and decided that I would go right ahead and get a good work out and then worry about how I was going to get home. Did you know that you can’t check your kids into the kid care at 24 hour fitness without your id? I did. I just didn’t know that they wouldn’t make any acceptions, even if they know you. There I was, with 3 screaming kids that wanted to go play, no keys, no phone, oh and just to make it a little more impossible, Rich JUST changed his cell phone number last week and I didn’t know his new number. Isn’t it horrible to be so dependant on a cell phone that you don’t know anybody’s number in case of emergency. Shame on me.

The 1st thing I did was go to the front desk to ask them to contact one of my friends that I knew had been to the gym before. I was shocked when not one of my friends came up in the computer. Then I sat outside with the kids just to think about other options.

Just to clarify the gravity of the situation: I am at the gym with all 3 kids. I don’t know anybody’s number. Rich is on a run for at least 45 minutes. I live about 3 miles away. What would you do? Start walking? I considered it but there would be several very busy streets to cross with my kids and that was just a risk I wasn’t willing to take. I even contemplated asking some random, nice looking lady if she would be willing to give us a ride home without car seats. It really seemed like my only option until I had an “ah ha moment”. When you register your kids at the kid care you have to fill out a form for each child with your contact info. My friend, Lori, was a member and took her kids there! I rushed in and practically begged the lady to break the rules for me and call my friend. She asked for permission from a manager and then called Lori. She was on a walk near my house and was so nice to swing by and inform Rich of my situation. Hallelujah! About 20 minutes later I was rescued, once again by my hero. Poor guy, he sure does have a lot to deal with, with me as his wife.

I never did get my workout but the next morning I woke up with 1 goal in mind: I was going to go to the gym. I did! I did not give up. Lately, I’m not gonna lie, it feels like the world is against me. I’m sure this has happened to everybody at some point in their lives. If it hasn’t, it probably will but the most important thing to remember is to not give up.

Moral of the story? Get out of the habit of locking the doors before I actually close them. Lesson learned:)

July 2, 2011

The Potty Game


Guess who’s potty trained…Aidan and almost Maya! Aidan has finally decided that going #2 in the toilet isn’t such a bad thing. Maya has pretty much potty trained herself as far as #2 goes and I guess that means I should probably put some effort into #1 with her. I know I should be jumping up and down at the fact that an 8 month struggle has finally come to an end but I think I’ve been had. I thought that I would be amazing when he was totally potty trained but he’s figured out how to make up for the lack of diapers by playing THE POTTY GAME (dun dun dun). Have you ever been through this one? Every night after changing clothes, brushing teeth and saying prayers we close the door and are home free!!!! So we thought. About 10 minutes later we hear, “Mommy, Daddy I need to go poop!” It’s Aidan. Ugh! Let him out, strip his clothes and sit him on the toilet. 15 minutes later he decides he doesn’t need to go after all. Dress him and put him back to bed. 2 minutes later, “Mommy, Daddy I need to go poop!” Maya’s turn. Some nights it’s just once for each kid and others it’s twice. I hate the potty game. Like every thing else, it’s just a phase. Thank goodness!

July 1, 2011

Hello Blog. It’s been a while.

I had really good intentions. I have a bunch of pics and stories to tell but just didn’t make the time to blog so here I am 2 weeks later. Lots on my mind. Lots has happened. On father’s day I got a call from someone special. No, not my dad, my little brother! Did you know that I have a little brother? I do! Actually, besides Rudy and Sen I have 3 little brothers and a little sister.  They are my dad’s kids that he had with his 2nd wife after my parents divorce. So anyways, my brother Fernando called me on fathers day and that was the 1st time I’ve ever spoken with him. It was so cool to get to know him and find out more about who he is and about his life. I hope we can build a long distance relationship.

It was really interesting hearing about his childhood and how he had to live the life that me and my siblings escaped. It made me so grateful for a strong and loving mom that always made us the priority. It also made me feel guilty, like I should have been some sort of support for them because they definitely needed it. My life would have been so different had my mom stayed in that marriage. I’m so grateful.

Father’s Day. Well, we celebrated father’s day without Rich this year. He was in California for his Grandpa’s memorial. It was kind of nice though because it gave me a few extra days to finish up his gift:) One thing that I’ve learned about Rich is that it’s impossible to buy him a gift. He is a master researcher and researches for days before buying anything. It’s taken me 5 years to learn this but finally after 5 years I now know that I have to get him “It’s the thought that counts” gifts. So this is what I did for him:


I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs and kind of made it my own. Instead of just filling the bucket with candy I put a heart note on each one of them with a reason why he is the best dad.


The kids colored for him and I bought him a little gift. He felt special and THAT is what matters, right?


He brought me some goodies from San Francisco. Delicious chocolates and the most divine sourdough bread ever!


Ok, now that I’m somewhat caught up I can keep up and blog about the fun we’ve been having with daddy around!!

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