April 24, 2009

Spring Break, 1st Date, My Birthday, 911...

It's been too long so it's time to do a little back tracking. Spring Break...ahhhh what a great week. We had originally planned to fly out to San Fransisco but decided we didn't want to go somewhere cold for Spring Break and stayed in Florida. We were so happy we did. The weather was beautiful and we were able to get out and see parts of Florida we hadn't seen. We started our break with a trip to the dog beach with some friends. Aidan loves dogs so he had a blast.

Maya really enjoyed it too.

Next day we went to the mall and then took a trip to the pool. Aidan hated it!

Next, we went to the zoo!

Saw gorgeous animals...

Aidan loved the aquarium.

He also loved the birds

He even got to feed a goat!

Best of all, we got to spend time together :)

We went on our 1st date since we moved to Florida. Cheesecake Factory and a movie. Still can't believe we ate that whole slice! It was so good.


We decided to drive to Marco Island which is a little under 2 hours away. It was beautiful! My favorite beach so far.

The water was shallow and calm so Aidan loved to play in it. He was not happy to leave.

Baby Maya even showed off her little bathing suit

Happy Birthday to me!!! April 14th was my 27th birthday. What a fun time we had. Rich tricked me into thinking that he couldn't get a babysitter so I was bummed :( Then there was a knock at the door and it was my good friend, Lucy! I though she was just stopping by to say happy birthday but she was there to babysit! Rich had it all planned out. He took me out to a yummy steak house and then to a movie. It was the best birthday surprise ever! Not to mention the gift card for a free massage and a bike!! Since we moved here I've been wanting a bike and he got me one! We've been out a couple of times pulling the kids in a bike stroller. It's so much fun!

Ok, now to the big story. About a week ago we were just having a relaxing night at home. Rich was cooking dinner and I was cleaning the dinning room and talking to my friend Lucy on the phone. Maya was in the living room playing on the floor when suddenly I heard her struggling for air. I ran to her, threw the phone down and started patting her back. She was still really struggling. Rich ran over and took her and tried to get her breathing passage clear. By this time it had been almost a minute, it seemed. We were freaking out so I ran to my neighbor's house, who is a cop and he ran over. He called 911 and instructed Rich. Shortly after she was breathing fine. It was soooooo scary!!! The police and fire and rescue still came to examine her. It was a huge fiasco. All of our neighbors were standing outside. We didn't care though. We were just so grateful that Maya was ok.
Everybody has been asking me what she was choking on. The answer is, I don't know. She just started picking up stuff and putting it in her mouth. My only guess is that it could have been a piece of Aidan's cracker that he had been eating earlier. But trust me, I have been watching him like a hawk when he eats his snacks.

April 21, 2009

Lots to update...

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with so many things to blog about but no time to do it! I have so much to write about and so many pictures to post but no time right now. Just to give you a little idea of what is to come I have an entire week of Spring Break activities to update including a couple trips to the beach, a trip to the Miami Metro Zoo and a day spent on the beautiful beaches of Marco Island. It was an incredible week.

Most recently I had an experience involving Maya choking and 911!! Yikes! I'll update soon.

April 6, 2009


Ahhhh. That is my big sigh of relief. I feel so free because Maya is now taking a bottle!! I have been trying for about 2 weeks but haven't been very diligent about it. Well today is Rich's 1st day of Spring Break and I was determined to go on a much needed date with him at some point this week. Ok, so maybe the bottle isn't the real reason why I haven't left Maya with a babysitter. I am a little on the over-protective side and have a hard time leaving my kids for very long, but I always had the excuse of, "What if she gets hungry?". Not anymore! Now I just have to muster up the courage to trust that someone else is going to take good care of my babies. So here we are...no more excuses. Ready to get over my fear of leaving my kids to go out and have a great time with Mr. Wonderful. We'll see how it goes...

April 2, 2009

So Worth It!

1 hour ago Rich was taking Aidan to bed while I was feeding Maya. As Rich was walking away with Aidan in his arms I said "Good night Aidan, I love you!" He did something that made the incredibly hard day yesterday and anything that he did to drive me nuts today, all better. Just as they were about to turn the corner he blew me a kiss! Rich didn't tell him to or anything. He did it on his own! My heart just melted and I instantly felt like everything that has been hard about being a mom is sooooo worth it. It was so sweet. I love my babies!

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