September 28, 2008

Maya Sneeze

Here is a video taken by Rich and he just happened to catch her sneezing. Maya doesn't do a whole lot yet but since our family is so far away we wanted to give you a glimpse of her as she is right now. I was unaware that Rich was taking this video or else I would have been sure to move the nursing pad by her head...thanks Rich. Well family, enjoy!

September 27, 2008

Maya is here!

Maya Silveria Baker
September 22, 2008
8:33 a.m.
8 lbs. 2 oz

Isn't she beautiful!
I started having strong contractions at around 1 a.m. Monday so we headed to he hospital, checked in, begged for an epidural and then just 7 hours later after half of a push I had my little Maya in my arms!

Out of fear, my first question when she came out was "Is she breathing?" She was! What a miracle she is. She is perfectly healthy and even took to nursing just minutes after being born.

Here she is with her proud daddy who hasn't stopped adoring her since he laid eyes on her. She is already a daddy's girl.

And Maya's proud big brother sat patiently in his pack-n-play during the whole thing. He was so good. He was a hit with all of the nurses. One of them even took him for a stroll in the hall.

We came home just 3 days ago and have been having a great time. Aidan is getting used to Maya. He gets really excited to see her after he wakes up from his naps. He still doesn't understand that he has to be soft with her so I have to keep a pretty close eye on him. I can already tell that he really does love her. I love being at home with my sweet boy AND girl.

September 21, 2008

Aidan Fix

This is for those of you who haven't seen Aidan in a while. There isn't anything super special about this video clip except for the fact that Aidan is in it. He's been doing this yodeling thing lately. I love it, it's so cute. His aunt Amy will have to teach him to yodel when he gets older :) So most of the video I'm trying to get him to do it. You'll have to ignore me, I get pretty annoying. Here's my boy!

3 days...going on 4!!

Well there's just something about me or my babies. Aidan was 1 week past due and now Maya is almost 4 days past due!!! Anxious? YES! Very anxious to not be pregnant anymore and be able to move like a normal human being! If you were to ask Rich he would tell you that my mood has been a bit unpredictable lately. Sorry Rich! So this is a shout out to Maya, "Maya! Come out! For your daddy's sake!"

September 17, 2008

Still here!!

So here I am! Still pregnant with my baby girl! I can't believe that I'm due in 1 day!!!! I really thought that she was going to come sooner mostly because I went in for my doctors appointment on Monday (today is Thursday) and I was surprised to hear that I was dilated to a 4. My doctor told me to come in when I start having contractions. I asked him if he thought that this delivery was going to go fast and he said "Oh yeah, it's gonna be fast and furious". I love my doctor! He has quite the sense of humor. So Monday night I was having contractions most of the night and I though she was going to come...she obviously didn't. I don't feel like I'm in any hurry for her to get here. I'm happy to wait until she is ready. I haven't had any serious contractions, just a few small ones tonight but we'll just have to wait and see :) Any day now we'll have our baby Maya in our arms!
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