January 15, 2016

Maya’s heart

Maya has a heart of gold and something just happened that I don’t ever want to forget. Aidan came to me and told me that he didn’t want his Pokemon cards anymore. I told him that it was fine and that he could give them to Maya if he wanted to. He went straight to his room and got them. Maya was in her room and a few seconds later I heard her say “No!” Then, I heard them back there talking for a bit. I went to see what was going on and found Maya in tears! I asked her why she was crying and she responded, “Aidan gave me his Pokemon cards and it’s just too much. He’s just doing too much for me.” I explained to her that he didn’t want them anymore and she still was crying because she felt overwhelmed by what she saw as a sacrifice for Aidan. I love her heart so much!


Story #2- When we were at Disney in Hong Kong we went on a “Cars” ride that was a 3 seater with only one driver and Rich and I had to be in each car. Aidan, Maya and Arabella all wanted to drive but we could obviously only have 2 drivers so we did rock, paper, sissors. We warned them that there was no crying and that the loser would get to do something else special. Arabella won against both of them so her spot was secure. When it came down to Aidan and Maya, Maya won and Aidan immediately began to cry. Without hesitation Maya said, Aidan can drive! She wanted to drive but she didn’t want Aidan to be sad. Maya was born knowing that when you do something nice for someone else you feel good in your heart. She was born this way!!! What a blessing she is to our family.

January 14, 2016

Happy New Year @ Ogido Park

We’ve gotten boring in our old age I’ve decided. Maya wanted to stay up until midnight but it seems she was the only one and being out numbered we were all in bed by 10. We made up for it on New Year’s day though. We spent the day at one of Okinawa’s awesome parks. Apparently, parks are a thing here in Japan and they just really go all out. We were very impressed.

There were 3 different sections at this one park. The first one had a long roller slide which the kids loved. It was their first time.

I love this picture even though it’s blurry. She was squealing out of pure joy!


Eva also loved it.


Their favorite part of the whole part was the hang glider.


She was so scared her first time.


Maya was a monkey on this thing! She was standing up and trying to be a little dare devil.



Even Eva got in on the fun!



Then we headed to the 2nd part of the park. This is where they spent the majority of their time and also where Rich and I facetimed with his family who was celebrating New Years so there are few pictures.


That white thing was bouncy.




As we were leaving the park we stopped to ring in the New Year with Rich’s family via facetime. It was pretty cool. Excited for the adventures that await us in 2016!!!

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