January 24, 2013

Working On Our Dozen

After a long 3 year break from being pregnant, Rich and I decided it was time to enter that realm once again. We are, in fact, PREGNANT!!!! I say “we” because this time around has been a doozy and Rich has had a very tired and nauseous wife to deal with. He has been a trooper and thankfully the nausea, at just 2 months along, has decided to mostly leave me alone (I know, I’m lucky)! What hasn’t left is the extreme exhaustion. I’m not complaining though, after dealing with nausea I will take being tired any day.

We will have quite the gap between our current 3 and this little one. That is definitely something that we were concerned about but knew that we absolutely could not get pregnant before I was physically and mental ready. To be honest, deciding whether or not we would even have one more took me 2 1/2 years. I always told everybody that I wanted one more but when I thought about what that meant as far as our history goes, it would send me into such a confused and scared place. Just dealing with the traumatic births, 3 months worth of NICU stays, countless surgeries/therapies and 3 years combined sleepless nights and trach care have put me through the wringer. My body has been out of whack due to the stress that it has been through and mentally…I don’t think I will even go there. I can say that 3 years has not been enough time for me to really be where I want to be but I feel like I’m in a good enough place that I WILL survive this next little blessing however he/she will come.

That being said, we are EXCITED!!! We are being so realistic, though. We know that there is more of a chance than not that we are in for a long, hard journey but we are excited none the less to have one more sweet little Baker to complete our bunch! That’s right, I said COMPLETE our bunch. This little angel will be our last and final piece to our family puzzle. Actually, I take that back, if by some miracle (and it would take a miracle) we decide that we are still missing a member of our family, then we MIGHT reconsider. There is also a really good possibility that we will adopt in the future. Adoption is a whole lot more likely than us having another baby thoughSmile 

It has been a long journey getting to this point and now that we are here I know that it is exactly where we need to be. We are blessed.

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