December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation~Part 1

I have so much to blog that I’m just gonna have to do this in parts. We are in Missouri having a blast! A pic from the drive:


Notice Aidan’s orange, girlie, dragonfly hoodie. We really didn’t have ANY winter clothes for this poor kid. Thankfully, Uncle Rudy bought him a Cardinals hoodie for Christmas.

I love hanging out with my family and Rich’s family so much. We always enjoy laughing together and just being together. We don’t even have to be doing anything exciting but the memories are always keepers:)

Finally, after 2 days of driving, we finally made it to Branson and it felt like we had never left.

Me and my Nephew, Gabriel. Yes, that is newspaper covering the beautiful decorative window on my mom’s door…don’t ask.


Sen, this is what happens when you take pictures with my camera. They end up on my blog ;)


Aidan & Josy making “soup”.



Maya LOVES my brother’s dog, Rosco. She REALLY, REALLY loves him. No matter how cold it was outside she would sit there with her arm around him for ever! Once she even snuck out to go sit with him.


Rosco loves her too. She is the only kid that he doesn’t jump all over and annoy. They have a special bond.

Feeding Rosco (Like the Bud Light bucket? My brother is funny.)



This is why older cousins are the best!




We had an early Christmas at my mom’s house with my side of the family. The best part of Christmas at my house? Posole!!!


Now THAT is some serious goodness!


Early Christmas pics:




I was too excited to take pics while they were opening presents so here are some post present pics:

Aunt Senia painting Maya’s toe nails


Uncle Rudy drying them:)


I love this!!! Can you say PRINCESS?!?!


Movie time


A couple of random pics to finish off this post:


I love my Chloe!



December 9, 2011

Arabella is 2!!!!

Yes, it’s true! Arabella is 2! How crazy is that? My baby is 2 years old! I think the most surprising thing about that is that I’m still not pregnant again…surprising to all of my friends and family at least.
Arabella has been a dream. She is sooo sweet and affectionate and so full of spunk and personality for such a tiny little thing! I’ve decided to start a new birthday tradition in our family and Arabella was the lucky one who got to experience it first!
Waking up to balloons on her birthday! I know she doesn’t look super excited in the picture but she was really excited when she woke up and saw all of these colorful balloons waiting just for her. It was so cute because I know she didn’t quite understand that it was her birthday but she instantly knew it was something special for her. Since I decided not to throw her a big party with a bunch of friends I wanted to make it a very special day for her. After dropping Aidan off at school, we went to Publix and picked up a couple of birthday cupcakes….a couple? Yes, a couple. I couldn’t just buy one for Arabella and let Maya stand by and watch her eat it!
DSC_2541   DSC_2575
After they were finished eating their cupcakes we went to the playground and played until it was time to pick Aidan up from school. When daddy got home we went to her favorite place to eat and play, Chick-fil-a!
Then home for some ice cream cake goodness!
Happy Birthday video:
Happy Birthday to the most adorable 2 year old there is!

December 6, 2011

Date Night With The Douberley’s

I love the Douberley’s! Lucy has been my bff pretty much since we moved here. Rich and Joe are also bff’s but they are men so they don’t call each other that. We spend most Sunday’s together as one big happy family, and Lucy and I do Zumba + Turbo Kick 4 times a week. Our kids adore each other, so basically what I’m trying to say is that it is going to be REALLY hard to leave South Florida:(

We try to go on double dates with them whenever it works out and this past Friday, it worked out! We had a Groupon for 2 hours of bowling so we went bowling! It had been years since any of us had been bowling so we were all a little rusty but I’m pretty sure that I was the only one that showed signs of rust. Seriously, pathetic. But it was a ton of fun trash talking and being competitive.





Lucy kicking my butt


Victory dance


Going for 3 strikes in a row…HE DID IT!


Can he get 4?????



Yes. Yes he can.

At the end of the night everybody awesome…except for me. I am officially not a bowler. Think I’ll just go for the pizza next time:)


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