August 22, 2009

Aidan's Day!

Fun, fun, fun! We had a great time with Aidan today! We called around to the play places around here but none of them had open play time today so we decided to take him to BURGER KING! Yeah, originally not my first choice but he had never been and he loved it.
He loved the play ground. Especially since daddy played with him.

I think even more than the playground, he loved the ice cream he got to cool down. The crown was a bonus too.
Then we headed to the beach because he loves to play in the sand.
And just to bring an end to the perfect day he got to go to bed for the very first time in his big boy bed!
Happy Birthday Aidan Bug!! You are the best 2 year old ever!
Aidan at 2:
*He loves, loves, loves his daddy! Seriously, he is a daddy's boy.
*Gives the best kisses!
*He is a comforter when he hears a baby cry.
*Likes holding hands.
*Really likes toy cars.
*Calls everybody's belly button a baby.
*Likes to help dress himself.
*Loves buckling things.
*Favorite snack is fresh fruit, especially red grapes.

August 21, 2009

The Birthday Boy!

There he is. The birthday boy. 2 years old today and I still can't believe it! Unfortunately we couldn't do anything fun with him today but tomorrow is HIS day! We are going to drop Maya off at a friends house and Rich and I are going to take Aidan out for a fun day of 2 year old stuff. I am so excited!! I will update and post lots of fun pics tomorrow!
As far as a birthday party goes, that is in the very near future. We are going to have a combined birthday party for Aidan and Maya with all of our friends. Both Aidan and Maya are very loved by everybody in our ward so we look forward to having a fun birthday bash with everybody we love, minus our family. Like I said, tomorrow is Aidan's big day so we will post again later!

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