March 8, 2017

Jesus wants Eva for a Sunbeam!

As of January we no longer have nursery aged kids! That’s right, Eva is now a SUNBEAM!


I love that picture because you can tell from her expression that she was a little unsure about this whole Primary thing. She didn’t want me to leave her but once she had familiar little faces from nursery around her she settled in a bit better.


She made it all the way through without needing me! The next Sunday was a different story. When I took her in to Primary she refused to stay unless I stayed with her. I stayed for a couple of minutes until she was good and distracted and then I snuck out. Ever since then the asks me every Sunday if I will stay with her. I explain to her that mommy has her class to go to and she seems ok with that. Slowly but surely she is getting used to it.

Okuma Camping

Last month we had our first “camping” experience as a family. We borrowed a tent from some friends and took advantage of a long weekend to spend the night up at Okuma. It was freezing(for Okinawa) and we were pretty ill-prepared but we still had a great time!
The reason I said we went “camping” is because we had dinner and breakfast at the restaurant there, haha! We are easing our way into it and I’m sure we will do real camping soon.
We did roast marshmallows for smores!
The next morning…good morning, Okuma!
Aidan and Maya lost the race against the wave.
So, that was mid January and as soon as we got home Rich ordered a tent and sleeping bags for all of us, hahaha! We had another long weekend for President’s Day so we had to try out all of our new gear. We packed up and headed up to Okuma!
Eva and her favorite pose.
She let Maya join her, ha!
Once we got set up we got some dinner.
We sat around the fire that night and talked about the most random things.
Some of our camp fire randomness.
One of the things I love about Rich is that he loves to teach our kids. We were looking up at the stars and pointing out constellations when this started .
We slept great and woke up hungry and ready for breakfast….so we walked to the restaurant, haha!
After a delicious buffet breakfast we packed up camp and hit up the beach one last time.
These 3 wasted no time getting in the water!
DSCF2714 DSCF2718
Eva decided it looked fun.
Can you tell how excited she is?
Little toes!
Trying to skip rocks like daddy.
Family selfie!
What fun we had making memories at Okuma!

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