October 27, 2015

So, our stuff came/Playing catch-up

Yup, that’s about all I want to say about that. The long awaited day marked the beginning of a round of sickness in our home that would last almost 3 weeks! We were so excited for our stuff to get here and after the first day of unpacking I was useless. So, our boxes and boxes of stuff sat mostly untouched until I was well enough to get on it.



It’s been a good couple of months and we are almost completely settled. There are still a few things that need to be hung and organized in the bedrooms. Here’s a tour of the living room/kids area/dining room.

Okinawa House Tour!

I feel like most of my posts titles are “Catching up” haha! I guess I’m not one to blog unless I feel like my life is stable and you can guess how often that is. Well, life is finally “stable” and I’m starting to have free time with Aidan, Maya and Arabella in school all day. So weird! Anyway, catching up…here comes a whole lot of random goodness!


He’s just awesome! He’s doing so much better now that our house is more settled. He isn’t having as many ticks and his behavior has drastically improved. He is loving school and his teacher. He always gets 100% on his spelling tests and he has become such a bookworm! He finished reading all of his Magic Treehouse books and Rich bought him the first 3 books of a different series called Sideways Stories Of Wayside School and I am always finding him in his room reading.


He is so curious and interested in learning new things. He loves to study Japanese and learn new words. After every episode of Wild Kratts, he has a million questions and wants to know more and more about whatever animal was the subject. I’m just really enjoying this sponge stage he is in! A couple of weeks ago he cracked me up with his version of “Cups”.

Aidan's version of "Cups"

When I told him that it didn’t go quite like that, he determined to learn it the right way. He practiced for half an hour with a youtube tutorial.


All of our kids love to draw. They spend a lot of time and go through lots of paper drawing, every single day. Here are a few of Aidan’s most recent creations. He’s really into labeling, lately.



Oh Maya…she is my sensitive one. She takes after me in so many ways. My girl has been extremely sensitive lately and just needs to be spoken to with an abundance of love or she WILL cry. If she thinks she did something wrong, she will cry. If you look or talk to her with an ounce of annoyance or frustration, she will cry. Sigh. I love how kind and thoughtful her sensitivity makes her though. I’m always finding little love notes from her.


She has a very artistic mind! She spent forever on her homework doing this.



She creates the most unique and interesting stories with her drawings. There are so many great ones that I’ve tucked away, these are just the ones I have hanging on the fridge right now.




She begged to go to Zumba with me one night so I took her! Best class ever. She was so cute dancing and didn’t stop once during the whole hour!



The main thing that I can say I’ve learned about Arabella in the last couple of months is that she was made for school and school was made for her! She LOVES it! Rich and I were admittedly worried about her because she has such a strong will but she couldn’t possible be doing any better. She’s never been happier and I just love to see her excitement when she gets off of the school bus every day.

Arabella is also a little artist and in every single drawing there is a unicorn.


Her unicorn’s heads have progressively gotten smaller and their bodies bigger, haha! She has also begun to include our names on all of her drawings.


She is still the friendliest kid you will ever meet who makes friends everywhere she goes. She has a definite opinion when it comes to what she wears and always has. She will not wear certain shirts if they are not “cute” enough and she adds a tutu to every single outfit. This is her most favorite outfit, recently. Also, that is the ocean in the back.


Maya just told me the other day that she likes more of a “boy style”. She was basically trying to nicely tell me to stop buying her pink and girly clothes because she prefers an athletic look. So fun to me to see how they are discovering themselves.



Oh boy, where to begin with this girl. She is her own person, for sure! She LOVES LOVES LOVES purses and shoes. Yes, at the tender age of 2 she is already obsessed with cute shoes and purses! This is a picture outside of Daiso where she found a purse she HAD to have! I tried to put it away but she refused to let go.


She is extremely independent. We went for a walk as a family and she refused to hold my hand even after falling twice.


Also, My Little Pony, is her favorite! She takes a pony everywhere we go. It can begin to be a bit much with all of the things she wants to take with her every time we leave the house…purse, pony, blanky…she’s a fancy girl!


I still have so much to update and there is much more to come if I could just get myself back into the habit of blogging. We are in love with this beautiful island and it’s people and haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do here. We are excited!

October 15, 2015

Arabella the Kindergartener!

Arabella is in school! She has looked forward to the day she would start school for SO LONG! When Aidan and Maya started a week before her she was sad and waiting that last week was torture. Finally, the day had come and she couldn’t have been happier!



Her super cheesy smile in front of her cubby.


At her desk she found a paper to color and got right to work.


Her teacher, Ms. Draper, is awesome! Her room was all decked out and looked like so much fun!


Arabella has loved school more than she has ever loved anything else! I was worried about her “strong will” but she really tries hard to follow the rules and wants to be her best. Arabella was made for Kindergarten and truly is enjoying every second of it!

She also loves riding the bus.


The second her feet hit the pavement she starts to tell me about every last detail of her day. I love how happy she is!

October 14, 2015

Minna Island

We went to Minna Island about a month ago or maybe it was more like 2 months, I’m not sure. I’m a bit behind but Minna Island had such a beautiful beach and it was a great time so it’s a *must blog*. Once again, we did this through the base travel organization and loved how easy they make it. We caught a bus on base that took our group to the ferry and then we took a short ferry ride to the island. While waiting for the ferry, Arabella saw a little girl standing outside holding a beach ball. She can’t help but make friends everywhere she goes so she walked right up to the girl and asked if she would play with her. The girl didn’t speak ANY english but I guess she figured out what Arabella was asking her…


Eventually, all of our kids joined in the game of hitting the beach ball to each other and they played until the ferry came.

Once we got to the island, we set up camp and enjoyed the day!


This beach was so perfect for little kids. The snorkeling sights were nonexistent but it was a fun place to just enjoy the beach.



Minna Island Video

The kids became quick friends with the family that was set up next to us.


Quick, crazy story about them…I was talking to the mom, Jandy, and she was telling me how they were about to sign for an off base house because housing told them that there weren’t any available on base homes. I was annoyed but not surprised that they would tell her that because they were horrible to work with and seemed to be so disorganized. I told her that there were several open houses in our building so, as I would later find out, they told housing what I had told them about available homes on Chibana and now they are our neighbors! I was so happy because I really liked her and our kids got along so well.



Minna Island was a really fun experience.

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