February 18, 2013

Out of commission/Update from the past month

I can totally admit that I’m not much of a trooper when it comes to not feeling well. I whine, cry and complain a lot but I feel justified because I feel like crap:) I have never felt as tired and sick as I have with baby #4 and even worse than not feeling well is the guilt that I feel for neglecting my kids and other responsibilities. It has been a whole month since I last blogged. I have been out of commission. In the past week the nausea has let up most days and the exhaustion hits hard most days with the occasional functional day. Yesterday I had to pull out my compression stockings because the varicose vein pain in my right leg started. Oh joy. It’s gonna be a painful 7 months. We had a big scare a few days ago that left us with a worry we’ve never had during any other pregnancy. We are SO looking forward to the second trimester and hope that it will bring with it some much needed energy.

There is much to update since it’s been a whole month. Quick rundown:

~We pulled Aidan out of Kindergarten because his teacher was doing more harm than good. He still goes to Chinese every day from 11-3 and absolutely loves those teachers. Our very bad experience with the Kindergarten teachers led us to make our next very big decision…

~In the next 2 weeks we will be moving from our house in Mountain Green to the on base housing. This one I am EXTREMELY excited about. I have not been able to settle in or feel a part of our area or neighborhood. While I love our home here, I am more than willing to give up the extra space for a smaller house close to my Air Force wife friends that live in town. They too are excited to have us closer:) There is only one thing I will miss about Mountain Green…Tami, my one and only friend out here.

~Aidan’s front teeth regained their natural color and are strong and tightly in place. Then, he developed an infection in one of his teeth. GRRR! We took him into the dentist who recommended waiting to see if it would not affect his tooth. We waited a couple of weeks and while the infection seemed to clear up, topically at least, his gum line has begun to recede! Poor kid just can’t catch a break! We are going to take him in to have it checked out and most likely pulled.

~My kids are obsessed with the song and video, Gangnam Style. No, we did not introduce them to it. Whoever it was…thanks.

~We had the most awesome visit from my mom for 2 weeks, my sister and kids for 3 weeks and my brother and family for 1 day! They were all the most perfect and much needed company that I needed at that very moment. I only wish I hadn’t been sick the whole time. Thank you to my mom and sister for doing all of my laundry the whole time they were here and for all of the divine frozen meals my momma left us.


photo photo-1

photo-2 photo-4


I don’t know why I always feel the need to explain the following picture. She is making that goofy face on purpose. Why? Because she’s weird like that.


Grocery shopping in a show storm!


~We had a great visit from our great friends from our Florida days, the Odenwalder’s. It was so good to see them.

photo-5 photo-6

~I have not picked up my camera in a month. That makes me beyond sad.

A few more random pics from the past month:

I sent my child to school in snow up to her knees!


My ferocious superhero!


Horrible quality pic but it captured an amazing moment. On my way to take Sen and her kids to the airport after their 3 week stay, Chloe and Arabella were holding hands. This is amazing because the entire 3 weeks Chloe had it out for Arabella and would hit her almost every time she saw her. She would even chase her to hit her. Suddenly, they are BFF’s.


Update 2-18-13: I can’t believe that I didn’t just go ahead and post this when I wrote it but alas I did not and another month has past. Next time I just won’t worry about getting the pics off of my camera and just post what I’ve got. Another update will soon follow:)

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