May 18, 2009

Guatemala, here we come!!!!!

So I haven't updated in a while but that's mostly because I'm always super tired and we just got back from Missouri a few days ago. Fun trip, lasted about 2 weeks. Randomly, about 2 hours ago, Rich and his friend decided they wanted to take a trip to El Salvador and Guatemala. Rich served his mission in Guatemala and his friend served in El Salvador. I was very sad :( This meant that I would be completely alone with the kids for 4 days!! No fun! In the midst of my sadness Rich ran out to get the mail and there was my passport that we had been waiting on forever. So now I'M GOING WITH THEM!! Crazy? Yep! But hey, everything seems to be working out so why not, right? My sister is going to watch my kids and we are going to go have an incredible adventure. Don't be jealous. I would if I were you but don't be. No I'm kidding. We are soooooo excited. This is a much needed getaway. I will report with many pictures and stories in a few days!!

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